The Dogs of Tralee
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SLÁINTE and WELCOME to the Home of The Dogs of Tralee. Alan Kelly & The Dogs of Tralee are a four piece Irish traditional ballad group who’s unique fusion of contemporary,traditional andoriginal Irish music material produces a modern, energetic and enthusiastic sounding of Irish music. Please follow the links to learn more about this well established Irish group, the music they perform, their influences and the CRAIC they’ve had along the way

The Band

Hi folks,
Thank you for taking the time out to visit the web site!! As you can see updates are underway to keep you informed on where we’re playing and what we’re up to. We’d like to thank you all for your continued support and for joining us on some of the best sessions and sing songs we’re had to date. We look forward to seeing you for plenty more in the very near future. Please check out our tour dates for upcoming events.
All the very best,

Alan Kelly & The Dogs of Tralee’

The Dogs of Tralee
Live at The Centurion

They have just recently finished recording a St. Patrick’s Day promotional, C.D commissioned by GUINNESS and the Diageo Company, which has been released throughout the U.K, Northern Ireland and Europe of this year (March 2008).

The title song from the album named 'One for St. Patrick' was commissioned by GUINNESS and written by band member Alan Kelly.

This CD has once again reinvented the sound and style of Irish music on an international scale.
The Dogs of Tralee
Live at the Centurion Newcastle on St Patrick's Day

The Dogs of TraleeFour of the band members are graduates of Newcastle Universitiy's Folk and Traditional degree course and another member in her third year of the same course.

The skill, precision and enthusiasm with which these musicians perform their music is a credit to their musical skills and knowledge as individuals and as a combined group of musicians.

The Dogs of TraleeThe bands fusion of each of the individual members own unique playing and performing styles, combined with the performance of there own material, as well as traditional Irish music, flavors and produces a musical feeling and experience unique to this group.

This is an experience not to be missed!!
The Dogs of Tralee
The 'Puppies' of Tralee with Brian Moore of Metro Radio.

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Try before you buy! The New album 'New Dogs, Old Tricks!
Dogs of Tralee CD

Alan Kelly

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